TY Beanie Boo - Cinder - Green Dragon

TY Beanie Boo - Cinder - Green Dragon

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I’m a silky dragon, big and green. My name is Cinder but I’m not mean. You can take me with you to just about anyplace, I have a friendly expression on my face. My purple wings and glitter eyes, look just perfect on a dragon my size. I would look great sitting on your bed, but if you prefer, we can play a game instead.


October 2


Let's be friends and you will see
I'm happiest when you are with me.

-Made with super soft Ty Silk fabric

-Sparkly glitter eyes

-Textured Super Sparkle accents

-A shiny, cuddly guy

-Prefers his knights well done

-Includes official Ty Heart with birthday and poem

-Surface clean only