TY Kids Backpack - Dangler - Sloth

TY Kids Backpack - Dangler - Sloth

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Show the world that your mode is mellow with this Dangler backpack! Not only does Dangler approve of going with the flow, he's settled in to give the world a show. This glittering sequin pack is just like Dangler's new Flippables look! Check it out today!


February 22


You will find me way up in the trees
I hang upside down and swing in the breeze

-Kids Backpack

-Dangler is ready to hang out!

-Beanie Boo backpacks are sure to stand out as a class of their own

-Fully reversible colour-changing sequin motif

-Sturdy construction for a trip or hiking

-Adjustable straps make them perfect for anyone who needs a little sparkle in their travel gear!

-Top-zip closure with Ty Tassel pull

-Lined interior with color-coordinated prints

-Includes official Ty Heart

-Surface clean only