YL - Diffuser - Dolphin Reef

YL - Diffuser - Dolphin Reef

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Young Living’s Dolphin Reef ultrasonic Diffuser features a playful mother dolphin and her calf swimming through color-illuminated vapor released by pink sea sponges. The colorful coral, starfish, sea anemones, and a pearl-bearing giant clam will captivate your children’s imaginations and transport them into an undersea wonderland, all while enjoying the benefits of diffusing Young Living’s 100% pure, YLTG essential oils.

The Dolphin Reef Ultrasonic Diffuser acts as an atomizer, aroma diffuser, and night-light all in one fun-filled, simple-to-use product and includes:

~A proprietary, interchangeable diffuser cover system

~Innovative diffuser motor compatible with additional diffuser covers (other covers sold separately)

~Continuous or intermittent (10 minutes on/10 minutes off) ultrasonic diffusion with automatic shutoff

~Four white under-panel soft LED lights with on/off settings

~Six vapor LED light settings (blue, white, red, green, alternating, and off)

~Giant clam that can be used to store jewelry and other small treasures

Contents: Dolphin Reef Diffuser Cover, Diffuser motor, AC power adaptor, Operation manual

Dimensions: 27.5 x 26.6 x 24.8 cm

The multi-compatible diffuser motor that is included with the Dolphin Reef Diffuser can also be used with the Dino Land Diffuser Cover (sold separately).